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Come to Play or Don’t Come at All

Judge:  Ok, what’s this about?

Me:  Your Honor, I served the corporation with a summons, they failed to answer, and I’d now like an order entered against them.

Judge: (turning to opposing counsel) And your response?

Opposing counsel:  Your Honor, I don’t think my client was properly served with a summons, so I don’t think there—

Me:  Here’s proof of the summons being served.

Opposing counsel:  Well, ok, but my client was served and he’s just an agent of the corporation.

Judge: Well, as an agent of the corporation, he represents the corporation.

Opposing counsel: Ok, but I’m still not sure about that. I mean, I represent the individual, not the corporation.

Judge: Would you like me to pull you aside and explain it to you?

Courtroom: … (crickets) (guy coughs)

Opposing counsel: (turning beet red) N-no, that won’t be necessary. He he! (nervous laugh)

Judge: Well alright then.

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