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When you’re starting out a large firm, you’re under scrutiny — from clients, partners, even your own coworkers. This is because no one knows you, the things you’ve done, or the things you can do. You’re not faceless, but your email address is at times more recognizable.

One of the ways you’re scrutinized is with something called the mid-year review. You see, mid-level and senior associates are typically reviewed only annually, but junior associates get that extra level of supervision. I understand why — the firm wants to make sure you’re doing the things you’re supposed to be doing. And as you progress, you earn less of the firm’s worry.

As part of the mid-year review, partners with whom you’ve worked during the last 6 months are asked to score your performance in a variety of categories — everything from client communication to writing briefs to oral argument to demeanor. It’s a report card. Difference between now and the 5th grade? It’s like getting 5-6 report cards all at once.

For those of you out there who received A’s and B’s, congratulations. Your hard work is paying off and the firm is beginning to recognize your efforts. For the rest of you, don’t give up, but also know that there may be a target on your back. And it’s unemployed lawyers, law students, and laterals who are taking aim. Either way, enjoy the milestone and continue to push forward. One day, you may be head of the class.

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